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E-M:/ Global Warming vs. Morality

It's incredible how so many people I talk to are in denial about global warming yet they are on are on a religious morality bent. It's met with sarcasm and ridicule if I even try to discuss this topic with people in my community. (I am from Downriver)
Yet in the movie, "An Inconvenient Truth", Al Gore's plea to make global warming a "moral issue" is right on the money. How many people are going to suffer and how many nations will perish because of ignorance and arrogance when climate changes so drastically that the oceans rise and flood? The movie "An Inconvenient Truth" even demonstrated how  the Gulf Stream is being altered by global warming and could plunge the world into a new ice age in a very short period of time.
I think it's urgent that the environmental community begin to work with religious leaders to  E D U C A T E   them about what's happening to the earth because of mans' disregard for the natural world. It's really pitiful when I hear people say "God will take care of everything" . . . Ooohpleazzze!  What a  cop out!!  Unfortunately this is where the majority of people stand on the issue of global warming . ..IN DENIAL. . . they are sucked into the propaganda and believe the media. Any alternative theory is considered "Liberal".
Lets talk about Liberal vs. conservative for a moment. . . Is conservative just about the bottom line for the almighty corporate dollar and is liberal only a phrase to define infidelity?
I think the environmental community really needs exploit these terms to give folks a heads up about what liberal and conservative actually imply:
Liberal use of the media to exploit and distort facts, Liberal use of money to influence and corrupt, Liberal assertions of negative stereotypes regarding people who care about protecting the earth's resources.
Conservative use of resources whenever possible such as recycling, Conservative application of biblical references for creation-care to reinforce the morality of protecting Mother Earth, Conservative approach to managing the environment to consider the welfare of all people throughout the world . . .not just wealthy North Americans and Europeans.
In retrospect, I would like to know what the heck is so moral and conservative about exploiting the worlds' resources and oppressing developing nations . . .what the heck is so moral about bombing the middle east so we can protect the oil fields . . .  what the heck is so moral and conservative about ripping off taxpayers by giving away billions of tax dollars to corporate polluters? conversely,  What's so liberal about trying to work for human rights and dignity for all people?  What's so liberal about protecting habitats and trying to clean up environmental degradation? What's so liberal about trying to reverse climate change before it's too late?
The environmental community owes itself to think this one over.