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E-M:/ no ethanol plant Paradise

Local grassroots opposition to the plant are celebrating in Paradise tonight, but offer their support, information and energy to residents in other possible locations.

Plant not coming to Paradise

Township ruled out as site of refinery

KINGSLEY — An energy company ruled out Grand Traverse County's Paradise Township as the site of a new ethanol refinery, but neighboring McBain remains on a short list of candidates.

~Monica Evans
  Traverse group of the Sierra Club
"I ain't no communist
  and I ain't no capitalist
  and I ain't no socialist
  and I ain't no imperialist
  and I ain't no democrat
  sure ain't no republican
  I only know one party
  and it is freedom
  I am a patriot
  And the river opens for the righteous
    ("I Am a Patriot" by Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul)