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Remember, this is Dow Chemical we are talking about.  The same company
that feels the survivors of Bhopal each deserve $570 for their
poisoning, loss, and suffering.  The same company that rather then
having to suffer through a consumer boycott simply sold off the
manufacturing of their products while still producing the raw
materials that unfortunately are in just about everything we use.

Dow will not clean the mess up until it is forced to.

" Dow shareholders will see NO losses, because Dow's policy towards
Bhopal HAS NOT CHANGED. Much as we at Dow may care, as human beings,
about the victims of the Bhopal catastrophe, we must reiterate that
Dow's sole and unique responsibility is to its shareholders, and Dow
CANNOT do anything that goes against its bottom line unless forced to
by law:
(From the rtmark supported Dow Spoof Site)

On 8/6/06, MICHDAVE@aol.com <MICHDAVE@aol.com> wrote:

Forum: Looking for more than words; it's time for action
Midland Daily News

Guest Columnist: Terry Miller Lone Tree Council


 On May 13, 2006, the News carried a front-page story by Kathie Marchlewski
entitled "Environmentalists encouraged by Dow plan."

The context was the May Dow/DEQ meeting informing the public of progress on the Tittabawassee River floodplain cleanup. As the summer wears down, and another public meeting is about to take place, the gentle reader must allow me a bit of a rant. I was the unfortunate source of that optimism.

Another snip:

We are talking about chemical trespass here folks, why should there be a
debate? Residents did not ask for dioxin in their backyards. Nor should they
be expected to live with some compromised dioxin number different from

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