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 . .we must reiterate that Dow's sole and unique responsibility is to its
shareholders, and Dow
CANNOT do anything that goes against its bottom line unless forced to  by
law. . .
					Escerpt from Robert Isaac's message.

If this is indeed the situation, then I offer that it is totally
unacceptable.  Read on.
Dow is in business because it manufactures products which people of the
world have been convinced are desirable.
So these people buy the product, fully expecting it to be safe to use.
So the company's first responsibility is to those people who buy their
No company should be allowed to produce products which are harmful to those
who purchase or use them.
If the product is harmful, the company should correct the problem at its
When the product is not harmful, then and only then should profit.   (Of
course the company has operating expenses.)
Once there is a profit, the company's responsibilities are to the health
and welfare of its employees.
After health and welfare of employees the company may set aside funds for
Once the health and welfare of its employees are implemented and research
funds allocated, then the CEO salary and benefits may be addressed. 
CEO total salary and benefits should never be outageous--never more than
four to eight times the "average" of all its employees.
Finally, the company may address its responsibilities to its shareholders.
Someone needs to put the brakes on companies that run rough shod over the
people.  If we need improved laws to stop pollution, production of harmful
products, misuse of effluent, unreasonable distribution of company funds
(see above procedure) so be it.


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