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E-M:/ iinput needed-- plants for traffic island ideas?


I’ve been drafted by our neighborhood association to help come up with ideas for aesthetic plantings that we can place into/onto a traffic-calming island.  The plants need to be remain low-profile.  The preliminary drawing doesn’t show how deep the soil inside them would be, nor how high off the ground the traffic island would be - but they’re drawn to be 9 feet wide and around 20 feet long, the road on either side would be 10 feet or so.  They’re to be placed into the middle of Birch Row Drive in Meridian Township, they’re apparently quite effective at slowing traffic in a residential neighborhood, something we’re very interested in. 


The neighborhood association would be responsible for plant care once they’re established, so we need something that doesn’t take expert care, and I would also guess something that doesn’t require watering for those years when the rains don’t come.  The preliminary drawing shows we might have 5 of these installed.  Oh – and the most important - we’d like the plants or flowers to be pretty all summer long!  (Do I ask too much with that one?)


Thoughts, ideas, references to useful websites would be very helpful! 


Many thanks,  


~Rita Jack



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