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E-M:/ Environmental election victories Tuesday

While the Joe Schwartz congressional race was a high-profile contest with a somewhat predictable outcome that got most of the attention Tuesday, in other little-noticed but hotly contested races environmental candidates with solid credentials were rewarded by voters.   Tucked away in southeast Michigan was a Macomb County contest where former Clean Water Action community organizer, Sarah Roberts, beat back three opponents in the Dem primary in a St. Clair Shores County Commission race. Sarah--with incredible grassroots support from Clean Water Action members and volunteers--captured 62 percent of the vote.   Next door in Wayne County, Sierra Club activist Tim Killeen beat an entrenched Dem incumbent in the  primary by a 600-vote margin in the Grosse Pointes, Detroit and Harper Woods. Killeen, endorsed by Clean Water and Sierra Club, had activists and members from both groups working hard to make him Wayne County's next east-side county commissioner.  Lots of environmental shoe leather involved in that race.

Meanwhile, Rebekah Warren running in the Dem primary to succeed Chris Kolb as state Rep from Ann Arbor, walloped her primary opponent and walked away with 61 percent of the vote.  Warren was endorsed by Clean Water Action and Sierra Club, groups with lots of Ann Arbor members and volunteers.  And next door in Pittsfield Township, three incumbent township officials strongly supported by Clean Water Action easily beat back a bitterly fought recall attempt with voters there saying no to recalling them by 60-40 and better margins.

Reports on other races in other places later...but these featured contests where real grassroots support from environmental groups made a difference.  Congratulations to all of them for working hard, raising dough, and keeping the faith and to the great environmental volunteers and staff who helped make democracy work Tuesday and shine green.

David Holtz

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