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E-M:/ More on proposed deep geologic nuclear repository by Lake Huron

For those who would like to make comments on the proposed deep geological repository beneath Lake Huron shores for Ontario Power Generation's  "low" and "intermediate" level radioactive wastes:
     Yes, you may send a letter alone which becomes part of the record. For instance, all the letters sent in earlier this year are now part of the record, which can most likely be sent by e-mail upon request from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, and certainly by mail. Ask for all earlier submissions (including those from intervenors) on OPG's proposed deep geological repository for low and intermediate level radioactive wastes at the Bruce nuclear complex. These are a rich treasure-trove of information. These may be requested from Louise Levert by email at  interventions@cnsc-ccsn.gc.ca
There is also a mailing address and phone number listed below.
     HOWEVER, should anyone want to intervene or make a presentation on the day of the hearing, (and they have allowed U.S. groups to call in, so far, with short presentations), you do have to tell them of your intentions by the written submission deadline -just include it in your letter. The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission does ask for a description of what you will speak on at the hearing,  but a summary (probably not too broad-based) seems to be fine. They do NOT want you just reading from your written submissions on hearing day.  I believe that you can send them bulleted subjects that you'd like to touch on for the hearing. They also want folks to be as concise as possible on hearing day, for obvious reasons.
     The purpose of my post to EnviroMich regarding this proposal was to alert the environmental community to the upcoming deadlines for written submissions (9-22-06) and hearing, (10-23-06) and also to materials regarding this proposal that will become available  Aug. 24th from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC).
     The following is excerpted from the hearing notice from the CNSC:

     A draft Scoping Document was issued for public comment on June 5, 2006, and the comment
period closed on July 17, 2006. The revised Scoping Document, taking public comments into account, and OPG?s submission will be made available to the public on August 24, 2006.
     Agendas and information on the public hearing process are available on the CNSC Web site at
www.nuclearsafety.gc.ca. Hearing documents (submissions) are not available on-line and must
be requested through the Secretariat at the following address:
c/o Louise Levert
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Tel.: (613) 996-9063 or 1-800-668-5284
280 Slater St., P.O. Box 1046 Fax: (613) 995-5086
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5S9 E-mail: interventions@cnsc-ccsn.gc.ca

Once you obtain the documents for this stage of the environmental assessment, write your submissions and get them in to interventions@cnsc-ccsn.gc.ca  by Sept. 22 at the latest.  (The hearing will take place October 23rd, 2006). The main point that Canadian environmentalists are making is that the form of Environmental Assessment designated for this unprecedented undertaking cannot possibly address all the issues - especially since there are no independent experts involved. Therefore,  the CNSC should refer the Environmental Assessment to the Canadian federal Minister of the Environment, to call for an Independent Review Panel to make a conclusive assessment.
     Responsibility for the health of the Great Lakes waters is shared by citizens and governments of both the U.S. and Canada. Something like this has never before been attempted and should undergo an independent panel review with full public and international participation.

One website with a good deal of information on this specific proposal is: www.womanslegacy.org/doc/library.html

Anyone wanting more information may email me at kcumbow@greatlakes.net