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Re: E-M:/ Bottle-return debate

Why not begin a recycling business that addresses the concerns of small retailers.  Do a pick up route on a weekly basis, picking up ALL recyclable containers?  Could even install a bin of some kind in the back outside the store that can be emptied by drivers on their route?  Keeps the bugs outta the backroom, solves the problem of not accepting bottles of products not sold by the store...etc.
Course there are always those who break into these bins when there is money to be made.  Came within about five minutes of surprising someone in our backroom who had it all set up to open the back door and throw all the bags into a van and take off with it.  several of our stores weren't lucky enough to stop the thieves.

At 08:04 PM 08/23/2006, you wrote:
Expecting modifications to the bottle bill to fix all of those problems is certainly asking too much and "best practices" improvements to the system are not likely forthcoming.  Hence the "penny plan" is a reasonable, next best alternative approach to address issues of recycling and litter simultaneously.