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Michigan women are coming together on September 15, 2006, at the Michigan Women's Summit to learn more about how affirmative action programs in Michigan have helped create opportunities for today's women and open doors that were long closed.

The Women's Summt 2006: What's at Stake for Women, will show how affirmative action programs have improved women's health care, economic status and educational opportunities. It will also discuss how women can prevent out-state interests from rolling back the progress that has been made in our state.

Events will be held at:

Southeast Michigan
Shriners Auditorium & Conference Center

West Michigan
Grand Valley State University
Grand Rapids

Holiday Inn South Convention Center

Bay-Flint-Saginaw Area
Mott Community College

Upper Peninsula
Northern Michigan University

The sites will be linked via satellite.

We hope you can join us on Friday, September 15, 2006
Register at www.oneunitedmichigan.org
$20.00 Adults/ $10.00 Students & Senior Citizens
Scholarships are available.

Feel free to forward this newsletter or this item to others who may be interested in ensuring women continue their journey toward equality.

Register Now for this Great Event    www.oneunitedmichigan.org/summit2006.htm

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