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E-M:/ Kazoo Gazette: Regulate animal factories differently than other ag

In an opinion piece in the Kalamazoo (MI) Gazette last Saturday, the editors discuss HB 5711-5716, the package of bills that would dramatically weaken current environmental laws regarding animal factories, and calls on the legislature to separate out CAFOs from the package of incentives proposed. 


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CAFO farms need special legislation

Friday, August 25, 2006





Anne Woiwode, State Director

Michigan Chapter Sierra Club

109 E. Grand River Avenue, Lansing, MI 48906

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If the Green Revolution is a bloody pulp today, it is not just because the environmental movement mugged itself. It is because the corporate, political, and religious right ganged up on it in the back alleys of power.  

Bill Moyers, before the Society of Environmental Journalists, 10/1/05


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