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E-M:/ "Liquid Manure is Too Wet"

Article this week in The State Line Observer (Morenci, Mich., and Fayette, Ohio) --on a presentation by Frank Gibbs, USDA-NRCS, at an ag field day in Lenawee County.

    Don’t blame tile lines for discharges of liquid manure into drains, says soil scientist and farmer Frank Gibbs, and don’t blame the rich soil with its worm holes leading to the tile. 
     Put the blame on the watered down manure....
     “We wondered how long it might take to percolate down to the tile lines. Twenty minutes? Should we go to lunch?”
      There was no time for lunch, Gibbs said. The dye was there within seconds, and every time a pass was made over a lateral tile line, another pulse of colored liquid came through...