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E-M:/ Proposed Live Fire zones in ferry crossing route

Enviro-Mich message from "Cynthia Price" <skyprice@gmail.com>

Anne Woiwode had earlier sent out a link to a PDF, and I cut and
pasted the beginning of the pertinent entry below. Kay, if you need
the PDF sent, contact me off-list.

SUMMARY: The Coast Guard proposes to establish safety zones throughout
the Great Lakes. These zones are intended to restrict vessels from
portions of the Great Lakes during live fire gun exercises that will
be conducted by Coast Guard cutters and small boats. These safety
zones are necessary to protect the public from the hazards associated
with the firing of weapons. DATES: Comments and related materials must
reach the Coast Guard on or before August 31, 2006. ADDRESSES: You may
mail comments and related material to Commander (dre) Ninth Coast
Guard District, 1240 E. 9th Street, Room 2069, Cleveland, OH 44199.
The Ninth Coast Guard District Planning and Development Section
(dpw-1) maintains the public docket for this rulemaking. Comments and
material received from the public, as well as documents indicated in
this preamble as being available in the docket, will become part of
this docket and will be available for inspection or copying between 8
a.m. (local) and 4 p.m. (local), Monday through Friday, except Federal
holidays. FORFURTHERINFORMATIONCONTACT: Commander Gustav Wulfkuhle,
Enforcement Branch, Response Division, Ninth Coast Guard District,
Cleveland, OH at (216) 902–6091.

Cynthia Price

On 8/30/06, Kay Cumbow <kcumbow@greatlakes.net> wrote:

Regarding this proposal for live firing ranges on the Great Lakes, does
anyone have the either the address or email address to post comments to?
Comments are due tomorrow. Also, where can the proposal be found? Are
depleted uranium rounds considered in this proposal?
- Kay Cumbow

At 02:48 PM 8/30/2006, Hugh McDiarmid, Jr. wrote:
> From the Muskegon Chronicle:
>Thirteen of the proposed firing ranges are on Lake Michigan, and four of
>those are in areas regularly traversed by charter fishing boats, sailboats
>and cross-lake car ferries that operate out of Muskegon and Ludington,
>according to Coast Guard records.
>And the Freep editorial page:
>The Coast Guard owes the citizens of the Great Lakes region a series of
>public meetings on the Guard's plan to designate 34 "safe zones" in the
>lakes for target practice with heavy machine guns and live ammunition.
>Hugh McDiarmid Jr.
>Communications Director
>Michigan Environmental Council

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