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E-M:/ Presentation gives more info on Lafarge, DEQ proposal

Here in link below is the latest news on mercury issue here in Alpena. I have already had calls on the article. The heading on the article, as it appears in the news is "DEQ spells out proposed settlement." One said that the "P" should have been left out of the word spells. As I stated this consent agreement on 15-05A and 72-03 is a cause of concern not only for what is in it but by what was left out. This is the first consent order we have ever seen where there is no stipulated penalty for violations. The reporter has my comment wrong mentioning "back" standards. It was supposed to be BACT Best Achievable Control Technology.
This proposed consent order settlement, in our opinion, was rushed through because of political pressure.  As written now it is not in the  best interest of the people but one of the most influential polluters in the state. We will point that out to the higher level MDEQ AQD people on the September 21st public hearing.
Bill Freese, Director