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Re: E-M:/ Suits aimed at activists have a chilling effect

One newby activist that I helped a few years ago had a SLAPP suit brought against her by a gravel mining company.
You would think that their demands for silence, or else, would be considered to be Extortion.
In any event, I connected her with ACLU who took the case and the company withdrew "WITH prejudice", which means that the company CANNOT refile the same suit at a future time.
Senator Brater sponsored legislation against SLAPP Suits, but the Republicans in Lansing wanted nothing to do with it.
I wonder why?
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Subject: E-M:/ Suits aimed at activists have a chilling effect

In the protest world, they're called "SLAPP" suits. And as acronyms go, SLAPP is pretty descriptive — "Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation."

SLAPP suits are a strategy used primarily by corporations or developers to intimidate individuals to prevent them from participating in public protests. Or, more bluntly, to shut them up.

What makes the suits unique — and effective — is that most are filed against individuals, not groups or local governments that may have the wherewithal to mount a legal defense.