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Re: E-M:/ Live fire training comments period extended

Enviro-Mich message from Gary Stock <gstock@net-link.net>

Robert Isaac wrote:

> If they are using the copper-jacketed lead bullets then they are
> contaminating the lakes with lead.

That seems true to a meaningful extent.  Let's all be cautious about how
it's explained -- because any misleading data will undermine many strong
arguments against this practice. 

An excellent example of misleading:
> One bullet weighing 2.6 grams fully dissolved in 51,000 gallons
> of water results in a lead concentration of 15 parts per billion, the
> legal limit for drinking water."
> http://www.ewg.org/reports/poisonouspastime/leadpoll.pdf

Presume they're copper jacketed -- or not.  Presume generously that five
percent of rounds strike a solid object (shoreline or flotsam), and very
generously that ten percent break up on impact with the surface of the

What portion of the ammo will be "fully dissolved" on impact?  Perhaps
one percent of one percent?  one percent of that?  one percent of that?
Otherwise, "fully dissolving" 2.6 grams of lead in 51,000 gallons of
water by natural causes -- such as wildlife ingestion, wave action or
other forms of physical abrasion, and leaching or other forms of
chemical dissolution -- would take... fifty thousand years?  nine
million?  two billion?

It seems likely that more free lead will be deposited by combustion of
the "unleaded" gasoline consumed by vehicles monitoring the exercise; or
leaching from the "non-lead based" paint on the boats being used; or
combustion of the "lead free" propellants and explosives used in
firing... than from "dissolved" bullets at least during this millennium.

Lead discharge from live fire exercises should not be permitted. 
However, any _misleading_ argument against the lead discharge is likely
to be demonstrated false or misleading, even by scientists and reporters
who _want_ to agree!  

That, in turn, will be pushed back against the environmental community,
to suggest that only liars, nutcases, and freedom-haters want to stop
lead discharge.

Not the goal...


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