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Title: Blade Testing Facility

This would be great for a proposal from Michigan.  I wonder if the state is working on this. See below


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The National Renewable Energy Laboratory will install a testing facility for wind blades, but it may not be based in Colorado. Problems with transporting blades to an inland region are prompting NREL to build the facility along the Great Lakes for easy access by ships; it would be the first time in NREL’s 29-year history that it builds a R&D facility in another state, reports Associated Press. The first large blade testing facility was built by NREL in Golden in 1997 to test blades up to 164 feet in length. The facility would cost US$10 million and create hundreds of new jobs. Proposals have been received from Texas and are expected from Ohio, Delaware and Massachusetts. NREL's deadline for proposals is November 10, and a final decision will be made this year.