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Re: E-M:/ NY Times 0157:H7 & "poor to disgusting..."

The "poor to disgusting animal husbandry practices" you mention are absolutely the case at one CAFO in Lenawee County.  The FDA sent a warning letter to Vreba-Hoff Dairy CAFO in April for numerous food safety and animal/drug violations:
An FDA investigation at Vreba-Hoff on Dillon Hwy "found that you hold animals under conditions that are so inadequate that medicated animals bearing potentially harmful drug residues are likely to enter the food supply." Vreba-Hoff was cited for offering "an animal for sale for slaughter as food that was adulterated" with penicillin. Violations were discovered in tests by the USDA Food Safety Inspection Service. Previous tests found oxytetracycline in cow tissues. "In regard to this oxytetracycline residue, our investigator noted that you administered an approved animal drug via a route, intrauterine, which was not indicated in the labeling, without benefit of a valid veterinarian-client-patient relationship and that you failed to maintain adequate treatment records." (FDA letter, August 14, 2006 - link to full letter at www.nocafos.org)

William Tobler wrote:
Enviro-Mich message from "William Tobler" <williamtobler@critterswoods.org>

But I would expect that the cowpies in the proper pasture not connected directly to a waterway would have nowhere to go.
As the cowpie dries and disintegrates with the weathering, I would expect only a sheet flood would provide the contamination overflow that you describe.

It is the sheer concentration and overload of too many animals (humans) per acre, and poor to disgusting animal husbandry practices, that creates the inability for nature to cope.