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E-M:/ Rain! ok -- 9am Sept. 23: Pine River Community Cleanup

Dear Pine River Friends,


In case you’re wondering – we’re still on for our Pine River Community Cleanup on Saturday, even though it’s raining out there now! 

I’m just hoping that it stops long enough to get our work done, then we can go eat pizza and get warm and dry again! 

See details in the message below, plan to put on your rain gear, and let’s go clean up trash tomorrow!

Thanks to all who come help,

-Rita Jack




We’re set for our Pine River Community Cleanup on Saturday Sept. 23 at 9am in Alma and St. Louis, Michigan!  Please pass the word to your friends and neighbors! 


Many thanks again to Buckley’s Mountainside Canoes* (http://www.buckleyscanoes.com/) in Mt. Pleasant who has provided 8 canoes for free.  Volunteers Jake Stockton and Phil Ramsey have picked them up, and will help get our canoeing Cleanup Volunteers Launched.  Many thanks also to David Eldridge of Pine River Outfitters (www.pineriveroutfitters.com)  will also provide his canoes and pickup and deliver service for those who want to pick up trash by canoes.  This worked very well last year to access the sides of the river where junk can accumulate.  Many thanks to all for making this part of our Cleanup Day so easy! 


There are 2 NEW meeting places for Saturday Sept. 23.  We’ll begin registration at 9AM.


1.  Leppien Park in St. Louis, located on the south side of M-46 where it crosses over the Pine River, next to Devon Drive


2.  Celebration Park in Alma, this is also known as Riverside Park, on Ely St. and N. State St. next to the Pine River


All Cleanup Volunteers will receive free work gloves, trash bags, and free T-Shirts!  Volunteers may borrow our Litter-Gitters (please return them so we can use them again next time).  All volunteers need to sign a liability waiver (Unless they signed one already the last time.)   


We’ll meet at Mancino’s in Alma for Pizza when we’re done, between 1 and 2pm, and we’ll have prizes for the most stuff, the most weird stuff, and other exciting categories!  Prizes also will go to the organization or business or church that provides the most volunteers for the Cleanup Day! 


Thanks and see you soon along the Pine River



~Rita Jack



Rita Jack

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