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Re: E-M:/ Science must lead way, not religion

Hello Robert,
I think we all messed up, by not uniting together, by not holding our politicians accountable.  We have to organize at the base of the parties.  Party members and precinct delegates need to be recruited and encouraged to hold firm to their values.  I saw personally over 35 years ago, my dad change the nature of our congressional district by NOT RUNNING FOR MAJOR POLITICAL OFFICE but by simply recuiting people to run for precinct delegate and vote for candidates that were opposed to the war in Vietnam.  If enough us become party members or precinct delegates and hold firm for the environment we all win.  The "right" is organized, we are not in comparison.  
By the way, if a Republican immediately answers as to why they voted for George Bush, I don't know that that is their UNCONSCIOUS reason.  I'm afraid I've been in therapy a lot, and I know that I don't always do things for CONSCIOUS reasons.  If someone is unconscious about their real reason, they don't really know why they are doing what they are doing!!!  A lot of us are reacting and not consciously contemplating our personal values, and constantly trying to live true to our spirit or our deepest selves.  I desire to be like Gandhi in some sense, BE THE CHANGE I WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD.  It is tough sometimes.
peace and joy,

On 9/26/06, Robert Isaac <rjisaac@gmail.com> wrote:
> Why do so many people like George Bush? What are the unconscious reasons?

From the people that I have spoken with that voted for him, only the
die hard republicans actually like him.  John Kerry just messed up by
not giving a solid alternative to the present management in a time
when we need a solid alternative.

Had he came out completely against the war, he would have won even
with the fiasco in Ohio.

Oh and even Pat Robertson has come around to say that we need to do
something about Global Warming: