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E-M:/ On being off topic....

I've recently been criticized for being off topic. I admit I said some things that should have been in personal emails and not on the listserv. For that I apologize publicly.

Regarding spirituality and personal growth. Too me, it is directly related to the environmental crisis. We, as human beings, are not only physically interdependent on the earth, we are emotionally and mentally and spiritually related. We are all one One. We are all mirrors for one another. It does no good to blame another, if I am doing the same thing that I am blaming the other person of doing. If I am blaming George Bush for being a tyrant, is it not also possible that in some way he makes me so angry, because there is a tyrant in side of me? Am I being a tyrant to myself in some way, or maybe within my own family? This requires serious contemplation.

If I am angry at the fundamentalists, for not listening to my wisdom, is it not possible they are a trigger because I do not see how they are a mirror for my not listening to my inner soul, or to others in my environment?

I am not saying I don't have issues with George Bush and the fundamentalists. But they are people too. Let's just not be arrogant, or dismissive, when we may somehow be doing the same thing, in whatever small sphere of our own.

If the world is all one, and we are all one, then we are everything. With that comes peace. There is no separation. We are all connected. When one is at peace with oneself and one's environment, then the environment is not to be controlled or attacked, one's family and human family do not need to be controlled or criticized either. Of course, we may make suggestions, but we need not be attached to the results.

This is my viewpoint. I will NOT discuss this further on the listserv. Anyone who cares to discuss this further, please contact me PERSONALLY at this email address. Thank you.
Peace and Joy to everyone,