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E-M:/ Great Lakes live-ammunition training drills still hot issue in Canada

Enviro-Mich message from Kay Cumbow <kcumbow@greatlakes.net>

This story was on the front page of Canada's National paper
yesterday. The story resulted in a number of interviews in Ontario and
Quebec and tonight Friday, Sept. 29th, the story will be featured on Global News National
edition across the country.

"Great Lakes machine guns raise ire in Canada"
"U.S. Coast Guard conducting live-ammunition training drills"


From Thursday's Globe and Mail

Below are small snips of the article, found at the URL above:

"But critics on both sides of the border say that many small pleasure boats are either not equipped with marine radio, seldom tune in, or could mistakenly wander into the unmarked firing range."

"Others are raising alarms about the impact of tens of thousands of bullets made from lead, ...linked to brain-development and behaviour problems in children. In recent years there have been efforts to reduce lead in the lakes, including the banning of lead paint and a more recent campaign asking fishermen to replace lead sinkers."

" 'We've spent years removing lead from the Great Lakes,' said Mary Muter, a long-time cottager and vice-president of the Georgian Bay Association, a coalition of cottage owners and boaters. 'As a Canadian, these are binational waters and this is just offensive.' "

"The Coast Guard commissioned a study from a consulting group, stating that while lead from spent bullets could be passed up the food chain, the drills would pose "no elevated risk" to the environment or human health."

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