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Re: E-M:/ New Michigan water export threat

Enviro-Mich message from "Chuck Cubbage" <charles.cubbage@comcast.net>

It is interesting to see the shift in cultural perspectives across time. Our conversations about what/who needs to be included in water preservation discussion today would seem very peculiar 50 years ago. Paul Erlich and many others have suggested that human population numbers represent the real "problem" Dave, your addition of the term ownership and "public" help to put the ultimate Homo sapiens perspective into focus. Thanks for that. And let me add another. If we are willing to recognize that we are the product of our cultural heritage and shift from our western, Christian, heritage perspective, say to the American Indian, Hindu or other non-Christian perspectives we will discover that other cultures have believed that non-human components of our world have equal claim to "protection" of an by its self. I recall that since the first earth day some have asked, " who will speak for the "Grand Canyon, the Sleeping Bear Dunes, or more recently ANWR or the caribou that migrate?" Our western culture is not the "see all, hear all, or be all that we might imagine it to be :>) [But it is where we are and we need to be respectful of it as well]


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