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E-M:/ New guide gives journalists, voters questions every candidate should answer


 Education Fund

Oct. 4, 2006
Immediate Release

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Michigan League of Conservation Voters Education Fund, 734-222-9650 or 734-904-9915

Key Issues for a Clean and

Healthy Michigan:

Candidate Primer Touches Them All


New Conservation Voters Booklet Gives Voters and Journalists the Key Environmental Questions Every Candidate Should be Asked to Answer

Lansing, MI – Candidates need to recognize that strong environmental safeguards are synonymous with health, fun and jobs in Michigan. And they ought to be asked tough conservation questions over the course of the next five weeks, before the Nov. 7 general election.

It is important that our elected officials understand the nuances of protecting the Great Lakes, preserving the state's spectacular public lands and moving toward a future of cleaner energy as they lead us into the 21st Century.

That's why a new guide to key Michigan environmental issues – tailored toward voters, journalists and the state's gubernatorial candidates – is available just in time for next month's critical vote. Although the guide targets candidates for governor, it can be used by any candidate for elective office or as a tool for any citizen or journalist questioning them.

Governing the Great Lakes State is available from the Michigan League of Conservation Voters Education Fund, a nonpartisan organization dedicated to promoting a healthy and vital Michigan by preserving and protecting our air, land and water through public education and civic engagement. Call 734-222-9650 or get the guide online at www.michiganlcvedfund.org

“There's not a candidate in Michigan, for public office in Michigan who doesn't say they'd support clean water and air,” said Lisa Wozniak, director of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters Education Fund. “But saying it doesn't make it so.

“This guide provides concise, specific summaries of issues and solutions that candidates for governor and other elective offices should be equipped to address if they intend to make environmental protection more than a sound bite. It can be a tool for the candidates themselves, for journalists who want to ask tough questions, or for voters who want to compare candidates' positions with reality.

The primer includes:

  • Analysis of how strong support for better energy efficiency can directly impact our shameful dependence on foreign sources of power and reduce air and water pollution.
  • Specific proposals for safeguarding our freshwater resources that should be easy policies to support for any Great Lakes State leader.
  • Keys to how our next governor can reduce children's exposure to pervasive toxic chemicals.
  • Policy options for safeguarding state parks and forests without busting the budget.
  • A simple solution that would block the widespread importation of Canadian trash and enhance Michigan's abysmal recycling rate at the same time.


“The guide ought to be required reading for candidates, their advisors, and anyone operating in the intersection of public policy and environmental protection,” said former Michigan Gov. William Milliken. “These are common sense proposals that ought to be part of the political dialogue.”







Hugh McDiarmid Jr.

Communications Director

Michigan Environmental Council

119 Pere Marquette

Lansing, MI  48912