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Re: E-M:/ Another bad sign....decline of pollinators species

Enviro-Mich message from "Robert Isaac" <rjisaac@gmail.com>

If so, the important questions are:  1) how can
we reduce these effects as much as possible

The obvious answer: Stop using pesticides, look for alternatives when insects become invasive. (e.g. when honey bees build their hive in the walls of your house find someone that is willing to move the queen as opposed to nuking the entire hive)

The not so obvious:  Stop planting genetically engineered crops that
include insecticidal toxins, though convincing farmers to do this is
not easy as many of the GE crops appear to help their bottom line by
reducing initial cost and increasing yields.  Here is where limiting
corporate donations to politicians could come in handy and/or voting
for people that aren't beholden to the corporate interests (How many
people even know David Sole is running for the Senate on the Green
Party's ticket this year?)

; and 2) how long until
critical conditions become irreversible.

With the the penchant for people to put things off until the last minute and not act in a progressive manner, should this question even be asked? ;-)

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