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E-M:/ Judge overturns mercury ruling

See link below. The judge that was hearing the original suit of Lafarge VS. MDEQ has ruled in favor of Lafarge on mercury emissions. It lets them emit worse case scenario of 570 pounds of mercury per year. Do not know what MDEQ will do. What they should have done is stopped Lafarge from using Canadian fly ash. When Canadian power plants installed stack scrubbers it made the ash a process change from their original permit for usage.That change required a new permit. Over 50% of the mercury emissions are because of that fly ash. If Lafarge was a true Steward of the Environment as they claim in their advertising eliminating the ash and installing stack scrubbers are the only way to live up to that title. They are in the midst of a 75M plant improvement. Stack scrubbers are an environmental improvement and qualify as an environmental tax deduction. The DTE Monroe power plant and the Charlevoix St. Mary cement plant are installing stack scrubbers. What is stopping Lafarge from doing the same? They could become the good neighbor they say they are.
Bill Freese, Director
Huron Environmental Activist League