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Introducing DREDGE IT RIGHT!




 A Web site committed solely to the navigational dredge materials disposal site in Zilwaukee and Frankenlust Townships is up and running.   This site will be updated frequently giving the public access to detailed information, actions and activities surrounding this public project which has seen little if any light in a very long time.


This Army Corp of  Engineer site is an unlined slurry pit in the floodplain of the Saginaw River next to the Crow Island Game Preserve. This site is owned lock, stock and barrel by the citizens of Saginaw County. The dredge spoils are contaminated with Dow Chemical's dioxins however as owners of the site, the taxpayers are liable in perpetuity for  future contamination.  Unbelievable? We could not agree more.


In recent months we have been able to confirm Dow Chemical's interest in using this site for their corrective action obligations along the Tittabawassee and Saginaw Rivers even though the county's contract with the Corp states it's for navigational dredging's only. The public, the residents whose backyards will be occupied by this slurry pit and township officials have been kept in the dark about Dow's interests.


That a navigational dredge site could be used for an environmental cleanup is a bad precedent for Michigan. The absolute lack of public participation, information sharing and backroom dealings speak so poorly of the democratic process and the community right to know.




Michelle Hurd Riddick

Lone Tree Council