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E-M:/ A Message from Senator Levin

From: Senator Carl Levin <info@carllevin.com>
To: ajs@sagady.com
Subject: Stop the Republican Firewall!

Dear Alex,
Stop the Republican firewall in Tennessee, Missouri, and Virginia!
The past support of the online community has helped put Democrats in a position where no one thought we would be a year ago:  on the verge of regaining control of the Senate and setting a new direction for America in Iraq and here at home!

With 12 days to go before the November 7 elections, control of the Senate looks like it will come down to the contests in three states: Tennessee, Missouri, and Virginia.

Karl Rove and the Republican National Committee know this, and that is why they are pouring millions of dollars into these three states in an effort to build a firewall to elect Republicans in these states and keep control of the Senate.

They must not succeed!

Please consider contributing to the campaigns of Harold Ford in Tennessee, Claire McCaskill in Missouri, and Jim Webb in Virginia today, on an urgent basis
.  Nothing less than control of the Senate for the next two years could be at stake!



Carl Levin

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