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Re: E-M:/ DNR Announces New Cougar Web Site

Enviro-Mich message from Gary Stock <gstock@net-link.net>

Richard Morscheck wrote:
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> Enviro-Mich message from "Richard Morscheck" <morscher@michigan.gov>
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> ?The DNR recognizes the potential for the presence of cougars is
> alarming to many Michigan citizens. 

...but apparently does not recognize that the potential for the presence
of cougars is heartening -- and even delightful -- to many other
Michigan citizens who appreciate the cougar's legal status as
Endangered, and its valuable role as a top predator.

Since the site apparently neglects to mention where the sightings have
occurred, it seems everyone across 36 million acres should be alarmed.

> Providing information about cougars on our Web site is an 
> important first step in educating the public,? 

...although the site apparently neglects to educate regarding the
positive aspects of the recovery of native predators.

> said DNR Director Rebecca A. Humphries. ?We encourage people to 
> visit this Web site if they have any questions about cougars.?

...although doing so seems most likely to alarm them further, with
multiple links about human attacks and killing and injuring livestock, although:


    1. 100    human deaths in auto collisions with deer (130 in 1989
    2.  86    deaths due to lightning strikes. 
    3.  40    deaths due to bee stings. 
    4.  18-20 people killed by dogs. 
    5.  12    human deaths resulting from 5,000 rattlesnake bites. 
    6.   3    deaths due to bites of black widow spider. 
    7.   0.33 fatal mountain lions attacks, or one fatal attack 
         every three years (this even includes attacks in Canada). 

By this data, it seems to approach 0.8 deaths per year:


But, in short: 

   "...you have a better chance of winning the California
    Lottery than being attacked by a cougar."

> As part of the education strategy, DNR staff also...

...might want to acknowledge _some_ upside to the recovery, since:

> The DNR is committed to the conservation, protection, 
> management, use and enjoyment of our state?s natural
> resources for current and future generations.


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