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E-M:/ Submerged timber a gold mine but not all agree on how to proceed

BARAGA — Nearly ten years have passed since the matter of submerged logs in Lake Superior reached the Michigan legal system.

But the principals in the case are still involved in the controversy that surrounds it.

Lenore Smith of Ontonagon and Graham Kelly of downstate Grand Ledge began the paperwork to apply for permits to recover the logs in 1997. Smith said the progress of the case has been frustrating.
This is the second story of a two-part series on submerged logging in the Great Lakes.
ONTONAGON — A television documentary on underwater logging sparked interest in the subject for Lenore Smith and her family.

“My husband was watching a show on recovery of logs from Lake Superior and what beautiful furniture they made out of it,” Smith recalled. “He said it would be nice to have furniture like that and that’s when we started looking into it.”

The TV documentary covered the work of Scott Mitchen, a Wisconsin entrepreneur who made a name for himself by recovering old logs out of Lake Superior in the 1980s.