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E-M:/ Global warming on the cheap

This story I read over morning coffee today is one of the most disturbing for me in awhile because it hits in the head and the gut.  Intellectually, our country's budget priorities seemed destined to sink our children's futures unless dramatically reversed.  Emotionally, the news reports on the daily carnage from Iraq--which already choke my spirit--have a new dimension. Our global future may decline tomorrow and people are dying today because of our misplaced priorities that favor military spending over our real national security needs for energy independence.  --David

In Today's New York Times:
Budgets Falling In Race to Race to Fight Global Warming
In the United States, annual federal spending for all energy research and development — not just the research aimed at climate-friendly technologies — is less than half what it was a quarter-century ago. It has sunk to $3 billion a year in the current budget from an inflation-adjusted peak of $7.7 billion in 1979, according to several different studies.

Federal spending on medical research, by contrast, has nearly quadrupled, to $28 billion annually, since 1979. Military research has increased 260 percent, and at more than $75 billion a year is 20 times the amount spent on energy research.