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E-M:/ Alley Culture Exhibition: Hope through Darkness.

Enviro-Mich message from "Lowell Prag" <lprag@mail.msen.com>


Most of you are probably not familiar with the Alley Culture organization,
located in Detroit near the WSU campus. They have among other things, been
presenting for a number of years, art and literary works relating to the
destruction of our planet.

Below is info on the current exhibition, Hope through Darkness.

Note: there is no address, as the building is off the alley
between Trumbull and Lincoln, the red building south of Willis.

You can email for more info: ac@coast.eml.cc


Lowell Prag

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Subject: Friday Exhibit Opening
From:    "Alley Culture" <ac@coast.eml.cc>
Date:    Mon, October 30, 2006 1:18 pm
To:      lprag@mail.msen.com

Exhibition Card Here:


November 3 - 25,  2006
Hours: Friday and Saturday 3 - 6pm
Opening: Friday, November 3 (7 - 9pm)

Paul Biundo, Francis Brazeau, Heather Campbell, Alana Carlson, Hong Chong,
Dave Cole, Matt Demmon, Don Desander, Charlie Draheim, Greh Holger, Nikki
Palmer, Jonah Rusling, Matt Shultz, Kirill Slavin

Curated by Heather Campbell & Matt Shultz

What is our future? The fact is that things are not looking too good.
Relentlessly, our main project seems not to be a better future but a future
filled with the death of most species on the planet and a total
eco-chemical-genetic transformation of the biosphere. We should not kid
ourselves here, the situation is beyond crisis. It should be understood
that the climate will change in our lifetime, that entire ecosystems have
been destroyed, that the oceans are already oddly empty. We have used a
variety of strategies to cope with, and even push back against, this sad
process - but where are we now? The hippie project has failed. The punk
project has failed. The techno project has failed. Primitivism has failed,
techno-utopianism has failed, the class struggle has failed. Even the dream
of repurposing the destroyed wastelands of post-industrialism has been
reincorporated by the dominant economy. We can take stock of where we are
in relation to the promises of our elders and firmly state: transformation
has not taken place. Critical problems identified years ago have gone
unsolved.  (from "The Dark Future"
Alley Culture  ::  Detroit Ceremony & Art Since 1995

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