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Re: E-M:/ Vote NO on Proposal 1?

Would anyone who supports Proposal 1 be offended by a raid of $1.74 million from any of the dedicated funds described in the proposal? Or worse, if those funds were siphoned not for other public works but taken from the public and given to the private sector?

That's what we, the citizens of Michigan, spent with a variety of public dedicated funds on Jean Klock Park. (Jean Klock Park was the recipient of Clean Michigan Initiative recreation bond fund, MNRTF, LWCF, Urban Waterfront, 1988 Recreation Bond Fund, CDBG and DNR Director's Discretionary Fund grants)

Yes, we can protect funds, but if we're not protecting the lands, natural resources and recreational resources purchased with those funds, what's the point? 

In the Citizens Research Council's analysis of Proposal 1, they cite that "the only diversion of funds from these accounts took place in FY 2003 when $7.8 million from the Waterways Fund was used to support the general fund." (p. 4 of the report)

I suppose a raid of $7.8 million is enough to make some people worry about protection of funds.

Is a $1.74 million raid enough for the same people to worry about park protection?

I would hope those who are treasuring Michigan's natural resources would also stick together to . . . fiercely support the continued protection of Michigan's natural resources and just as fiercely oppose those who want to raid, steal, plunder, destroy and pour concrete and turfgrass on  them.

LuAnne Kozma

From where I sit, I cannot believe that all of us who treasure Michiganâ??s
natural resources would not stick together and support Proposal 1.

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