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Re: E-M:/ Vote NO on Proposal 1?

Enviro-Mich message from "Robert Isaac" <rjisaac@gmail.com>

Let me be clear:  I felt _less_ inclined to vote for Proposal 06-1 as a
result of seeing "msu.edu" in the address of obvious lobbying from
someone who works for MUCC -- or in this context, perhaps even MHSA.

So why not spare us the long-winded rigmarole and simply ask her to use her MUCC address (if it exists) for this list? The politicians are bandying about enough hot air for all of us (and at the same time ducking the issues, surprise... surprise). :-)

(Either of them certainly can afford to add one e-mail account :-)

I wouldn't be so sure of that, Microsoft charges $450 for each install of MS office which soon adds up on any network of size. It is very possible for these organizations to not be able to afford to give everyone working for them access to an email client at their workstation, if they so foolishly insist on using the Microsoft platform. I have worked for companies without monetary problems where supervisors have been forced to use Yahoo.com for company email due to the above mentioned licensing costs.

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