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Re: E-M:/ drain clearing in Lenawee County

Enviro-Mich message from williamtobler@critterswoods.org

Unfortunately a common occurrence County by County depending on the local
Drain Commissioner.

Not only a source of damaging water pollution, but removing the tree cover
results in destructive warming of the water, and also stimulates rapid
brush and weed infestations requiring more frequent maintenance and

A big win for everyone.

> Dear Enviro-Mich,
> Below is a link to a picture I took yesterday in the rain of a drain being
> cleared in Lenawee County that leads to the South Branch of the River
> Raisin. The drain is being cleared of all plant cover on both sides of
> Beecher Rd. as far as one can see from the road. I watched a lot of
> sediment pour into this drain (in reality a tributary) yesterday.
> This "drain maintenance" clearly violates Michigan's water quality
> standard for turbidity. MDEQ does not enforce this standard in situations
> like this.
> This is a common occurrence in Lenawee county. There is another drain
> being cleared at this time on Cadmus Rd. just south of Adrian in Lenawee
> County. I observed a cold water tributary just north of Morenci in 2004
> before and after it was dredged. A mussel survey of that tributary
> revealed no aquatic life and many inches of sediment.
> To see the Beecher Rd. drain clearing click on the link below.
> http://www.sagady.com/stuff/DSCN3091.JPG
> Kathy Melmoth

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