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E-M:/ Re: E-M:/ REMINDER: Don â?*t Miss â?*Michiganâ?*s Green Energy Economyâ? on November 15, 2006

Enviro-Mich message from "Maggie Fields" <FIELDSM@michigan.gov>

I checked WKAR's (23) website and they have the Michigan?s Green Energy Economy program available for online viewing, after the broadcast date so we don't have worry about taping it for later viewing if we can't see it tonight.


If you really want to see it on TV--
All Michigan PBS channels agreed to run this at the same time tonight.  What each channel does after that is up to them.  Most will probably re-play it but there is no agreed timeline.  WKAR is re-playing it  Sunday, November 19, 3:00 PM.    There are plans to re-play it in January but no date is set.

Take Care

>>> Jennifer Malinowski <jmalinowski77@yahoo.com> 11/17/2006 11:17 AM >>>
Hi Craig,
  It's my understanding that Michigan At Risk: Michigan's Green Energy Economy will not be re-aired, but it is available as a streaming video on WKAR's website at:
  The streaming video includes the documentary as well as the panel discussion afterwards.

Craig_Riley@URSCorp.com wrote:

Will this show be re-aired anytime soon?

For any who may not have known, immediately after the PBS show was a great
program on CBC-TV. "The Denial Machine" went right to the heart of the
global warming "debate" and exposed the motivations of the skeptics and
their paid scientists. The show was done in a way that many news channels
here wouldn't consider...so try and check it out.

Additional showtimes:
Friday November 17 at 10pm ET
Saturday November 18 at 1 am, 4am & 9am ET
Sunday November 19 at6 am & 7pm ET
Tuesday November 21 at 4am ET


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AM E-M:/ REMINDER: Donâ?*t Miss 
â?*Michiganâ?*s Green Energy Economyâ?  
on November 15, 2006 
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apologies for multiple postings

Mark your calendars for
A Michigan At Risk Special
November 15th, 2006 ~ 8:00 PM EST
All Michigan PBS Stations

At one time, what was good for the environment was viewed to be bad for
business. Today, however, Michigan companies tied to renewable energy are
expanding and hiring while traditional manufacturing businesses are closing
their doors.

A new television documentary called, â?*Michiganâ?*s Green Energy Economyâ? 
takes a closer look at how investment in solar, wind and bio-fuels is
creating economic growth in Michigan. The program is being produced by
Northern Michigan University professor Dwight Brady for an upcoming edition
of the Emmy award winning TV series â?*Michigan at Risk.â?  Dr. Brady is a
veteran television journalist who teaches in the department of
Communication and Performance Studies at NMU.

Several recent documentaries, including Al Goreâ?*s â?*Inconvenient Truthâ?  have
called attention to the negative and potentially catastrophic effects of
our current fossil fuel economy, but Bradyâ?*s work provides a different
angle on economics and environmentalism. â?*This program documents the
viability of constructing a new economic engine that generates financial
incentives for reducing environmental damage rather than exacerbating it,â? 
said Brady. He added, â?*In an ideal world, we would all find the will power
to change our consumption habits simply because it is the morally right
thing to do. In the real world, however, we will likely not change unless
it is the economically right thing to do.â? 

In creating â?*Michiganâ?*s Green Energy Economy,â?  Brady and his production
assistants Grant Guston and Alex Hansen shot footage in twelve different
Michigan counties from Upper Michigan to the extreme southwestern corner of
the Lower Peninsula. Viewers will learn about a fabricating plant in
Cassopolis that makes components for commercial wind turbines and see how
United Solar Ovonic, in Auburn Hills, is meeting the global demand for
solar panels. The documentary will also take viewers to the wind swept
fields of Huron County, where farmers look to make hay from giant wind
turbines while an Upper Michigan company is looking to raise some green
with bio-fuels.

Brady interviewed nearly 20 people for the documentary including
entrepreneurs like Rich VanderVeen of Mackinaw Power and public officials
including Governor Granholm and Grand Rapids Mayor, George Heartwell. â?*It
was a great experience meeting and interviewing so many extraordinary
people who not only understand our economic and environmental problems,
they are also providing solutions,â?  said Brady.

â?*Michiganâ?*s Green Energy Economyâ?  will air November 15, at 8pm EST on all
Michigan Public Broadcasting affiliates. The half hour documentary will be
followed with a panel discussion hosted by Tim Skubick. The panel will
include Great Lake Renewable Energy Association's Executive Director,
Jennifer Alvarado. â?*Michiganâ?*s Green Energy Economyâ?  was funded through a
faculty research grant from Northern Michigan University and a grant from
the Michigan Association of Public Broadcasters. Brady was also given a
sabbatical leave of absence from NMU to produce the documentary.

Jennifer Malinowski
Program Manager

Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association
257 S. Bridge St., PO Box 346
Dimondale, MI 48821
517-646-6269 ph / 517-646-8584 fax

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      Jennifer Malinowski
  Program Manager
  Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association
  257 S. Bridge St., PO Box 346
  Dimondale, MI  48821
  517-646-6269 ph / 517-646-8584 fax

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