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Re: E-M:/ Ideas Consumers Can Truly Use

Enviro-Mich message from "Maggie Fields" <FIELDSM@michigan.gov>

I'd like to suggest DEQ's P2 Week tips 
go to www.michigan.gov/deqp2initiatives   and click on P2 Week on the

you might also find some things to help on the
www.michigan.gov/deqconstruction  click on construction resources
under information - home renovation has limited resources but there is
landscaping links as well

Other useful sites - this is not an endorsement - 

I think it just comes down to making each decision count 
  when you do or decide something - consider environmental
   can you buy a more energy efficient model so you save money and less
pollution at the power plant
   can you buy a car that is more efficient (doesn't have to be hybrid)
- or car pool
   can you insulate your house so it uses less energy and reduce green
house gas emissions
   can you do buy using less toxic alternatives  (vaporless paints,
cleaners, pest control)
   can you buy anything with more recycled content
    can you buy a more durable version so there is less disposed in
landfills  (avoid disposables)
    can you buy from an environmentally friendly company so you know
the making the product didn't cause environmental issues somewhere else
    can you buy green made products - labeled environmental in any
   can you reduce the waste you generate or recycle what is generated
   don't dispose of any non-kitchen or biological waste down the sink
or toilet
   can you buy from local sources so there's less transportation
emissions involved and supports local businesses
   check out area restores for building materials in renovations -
these come from saving materials from someone else's renovation that
might be perfect for you   Resources are in the Building Material
Recycling  related link on the construction web site.  

As you can see, a lot has to deal with purchasing power.  We do a lot
of that.  What we buy affects the products that are made, how often and
how much we dispose of waste (durability) and how efficient our energy
demand is in the home.  If you find good resources in any area that
you'd recommend, let me know and I'll see about adding them to our P2
Week web site.

Good luck

>>> Sarah Alexis Westerman <sarah78@wayne.edu> 11/20/2006 9:25:56 AM

I joined this list not because I am well-educated on
all things environmental, but because I want to
learn more, understand better, and ultimately help
save our planet.  I've found very little information
how to begin to do that, and I'm hoping for some
help.  Unfortunately, I don't have the money to
install solar panels on my roof, replace all of my
appliances, or any of the more costly options
available to homeowners.  What I can do is remind my
kids to turn off the lights; have leaky faucets
fixed immediately; turn the furnace down at night or
when I'm not home.

Surely there are people on this list who know more
than that - what can I do, in a way that is either
free or inexpensive, or at the very least will be
extremely cost effective, to help make my home
and/or vehicle a little more eco-friendly?

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