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I have a question related to this I would like to pose to this group.
What actions/initiatives/tools would help to influence people in making decisions to be more energy efficient, purchase environmentally preferred products?  How do we change this?
Amy A Butler
Chief, Environmental Science and Services

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Sarah:  This is a very good question and the I suspect the conscientious
folks on this list-serve will provide lots of pertinent information.
One of my favorite sources is the Union of Concerned Scientists free
"Green Tips" e-newsletter:


We all have the same dilemma that you pose...to do the best we can
within our personal budget limitations and choices we make, and to pass
along environmental ethics and the challenges and opportunities in
achieving environmentally sustainable economic development to the next
generation. When our children were still at home, it became a fun
exercise to see how little waste we could generate in daily activities.
Much of the capital cost items (energy efficient window replacement,
solar hot water, etc. had to wait untilwe paid for dental braces,
college tuition, etc. for three children. The government rebate helped
with the solar hot water expense. We have a separate electric meter for
our hot water heater that dates back to the energy crises of the 1970's.
We got distinct pleasure answering a knock on the door recently; it was
the electric company to repair our broken meter and we told him to look
on the roof!   

John E. Gannon
Dexter, MI

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I joined this list not because I am well-educated on all things
environmental, but because I want to learn more, understand better, and
ultimately help save our planet.  I've found very little information how
to begin to do that, and I'm hoping for some help.  Unfortunately, I
don't have the money to install solar panels on my roof, replace all of
my appliances, or any of the more costly options available to
homeowners.  What I can do is remind my kids to turn off the lights;
have leaky faucets fixed immediately; turn the furnace down at night or
when I'm not home.

Surely there are people on this list who know more than that - what can
I do, in a way that is either free or inexpensive, or at the very least
will be extremely cost effective, to help make my home and/or vehicle a
little more eco-friendly?

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