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Thanks for sharing Mike - perfect timing

Sarah - another idea on what consumers can do is below.  

Earlier this year the list serve discussed local farming resources.  A compiled list of those discussions is at:  www.michigan.gov/deqconstruction  -Under information open Construction Resources  then scroll down to food - local sources.  This is a weird location but I thought anyone interested in green construction information might also be interested in that topic.  We've also listed it as a resource for the green lodging program  http://www.michigan.gov/greenlodging incase the related food service programs / restaurants were interested.

After seeing the information, Mike found a 'community sponsored agriculture' or CSA in his area.  Below, Mike is providing feedback on his experience participating with the CSA.  

"CSA farms provide a weekly delivery of organically grown produce to consumers during the growing season (approximately June to October). Those consumers, in turn, pay a subscription fee. But CSA consumers don?t so much ?buy? food from particular farms as become ?members? of those farms." 

Again, good luck

>>> Michael Bitondo 11/20/2006 11:06 AM >>>
You asked to let you know how I liked the CSA I participated in this year - 
I liked it very much!
Like any garden there was an abundance of some things (tomatoes, green peppers, kale, cabbage) and a lack of other things (cucumbers, squash, broccoli, onions).
There was some nice, unexpected bonuses - plenty of garlic, a bouquet of fresh flowers each week and a large herb garden for fresh herbs all summer.  

They also had for sale organic eggs, chickens, ducks & turkeys.  Plus honey.
People would always ask if it was worth the money.  I would always say yes but it's hard to compare.  If I had bought organic produce in the grocery store & bought only what we could use, I would have spent less money.  But if you add in all the veggies & herbs in the freezer, plus the intangibles of buying local, no pesticides into the environment and a chunk of land not growing houses, it's worth far more then the monetary costs.
One other thing - members could volunteer to work on the farm and then take home some extra produce.  I used to garden a lot but I haven't grown much in recent years because I am involved in too many volunteer activities, so it was nice to 'grovel' in the dirt again for a few hours.



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