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E-M:/ Remember "Black Friday" is BUY NOTHING DAY

Enviro-Mich message from "Michigan Beachwalker" <mibeachwalker@gmail.com>

Remember, as one way to fight the rampant consumerism that is helping
to destroy the planet, the Friday after Thanksgiving (sometimes called
"Black Friday" because the sales from this day put businesses in the
"black") is also held by many environmental organizations to be BUY
NOTHING day.  Use the power of your pocketbook to show the retailers
that we need buy nothing on that day.  Avoid all purchases for the
entire weekend if you can.

If you are bored, send a letter to congress or something, like the one below.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Looking for something to do after the Turkey and football games?

Copy the following letter into your word processor. Add your name and address at the bottom. Print out two copies. Mail one to Rep. Pelosi and one to Senator Reid. You can make a difference!

The Honorable Nancy Pelosi, Member of Congress
United States House of Representatives
Washington D. C. 20515

Senator Harry Reid
Majority Leader
United States Senate
Washington D. C. 20510

Dear Representative Pelosi and Senator Reid:

On Nov. 7, 2006, the American people rejected the do-nothing energy policies of the last Congress. We said loud and clear that we want a new direction when it comes to energy and global warming.

Americans are counting on your proven commitment to clean energy to
move us in a new direction. We applaud your efforts to immediately
repeal billions of dollars in subsidies for oil companies. As you
continue to move forward on a clean energy agenda, we urge you to:

1.) Make the U.S. a leader in renewable energy production and development.
2.) Make the U.S. the most energy efficient economy.
3.) Reduce our growing dependence on oil by making our cars go further
on a gallon of gas. Increase the CAFÉ standards for autos by 50%.
4.) Lead the effort to solve global warming by enacting mandatory caps
on carbon pollution.

As the new leaders in Congress, you have the opportunity to make an
enormous difference, and lead us toward a cleaner energy future.

Please, when Congress reconvenes in January, make clean energy, and
other actions to control global climate change, the highest priorities
on your agenda. As you know, it is vital that we act now -- for this
generation, and many to come.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter.


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