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E-M:/ Lake Superior Alert - Ontario Quarry Issue

From: "Jennifer Nalbone" <jen@glu.org>
To: "Great Lakes Watch" <gluwatch@list.glu.org>
Subject: [gluwatch] Action Alert: Protect Lake Superior from a quarry!

Please find below an action alert from Great Lakes United coalition member, Citizens Concerned for Michipicoten Bay:

Dear Friend,
This message is an action alert being sent out to individuals who are interested in protecting Lake Superior's fragile shoreline.  Since 2002, CCMB (Citizens Concerned for Michipicoten Bay) has been leading an effort to ensure that a quarry proposed along the shore of Lake Superior receives the greatest possible scrutiny by government reviewers.  Superior Aggregates Company, a subsidiary of Michigan-based Carlo Companies, has submitted a new aggregate licence application, this time for a Category 1 and Category 2 licence, which would allow them to establish quarry below the water table near the shore of Lake Superior.   The intended rate of excavation is unlimited tonnes annually.

The public has until November 27, 2006 to submit their concerns and objections regarding the application to SAC and MNR.  Individuals wishing to object to the application must do so in writing, with reasons for their objection, and submit their objection to both SAC and the MNR by Nov 27th at the following addresses:
Superior Aggregates Company
Box 3, Michipicoten Harbour
Wawa, Ontario   P0S 1K0
Attn:  B. Staines
FAX: 705-856-9783

Ministry of Natural Resources
64 Church Street
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario  P6A 3H3
Attn:  T. Woods, District Manager
FAX: 705-949-6450
CCMB has prepared two example letters of objection, which can be downloaded at:  http://www.ccmb.ca/uploads/fileassets/generic_letter_re_SAC_Cat_1_and_2_licence_application_-_draft.doc

The letters also contain additional suggestions for sending your letter to other officials to register your concerns. 

Individuals wishing to submit comments may want to consider sending them by fax to ensure that your response arrives by the deadline.

For more information about some of the concerns related to the proposed quarry, please visit CCMB's website at www.ccmb.ca

Please also note that there is a download page at the site.  In particular, we invite you to download our newsletter at this link:

Please feel free to pass this message along to others who may have concerns with the development of this quarry at Michipicoten Bay.  CCMB feels this development represents only the tip of the iceberg for similar type of development along the entire northshore of Lake Superior.
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