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E-M:/ Billboard legislation would destroy Michigan landscape

There's billboard legislation coming through the lame duck state legislature right now which would allow for the clearing of all trees within 500 to 1000 feet of any billboard. This would have a very negative effect on the beauty of our highways. Billboards already have a negative effect, without removing all the trees around them.

Please see the versions already passed by the Senate (it was passed along partisan lines, and there were strong protests by Senators Leland and Basham):




Under the above provisions (if passed), the billboard companies could
remove any or all planted and/or naturally occurring vegetation for a distance of 500 feet before a sign along primary highways and 1,000 ft. before a sign along interstate highways and freeways. Many billboards in areas southeast Michigan are spaced 500 feet apart.

Please contact your representatives and the governor to oppose this legislation. Our tourism industry would also be negatively affected by this legislation.

During his terms in office, Governor Milliken was an ardent supporter of legislation to regulate billboards. In an address to the Legislature he said "people escaping to the countryside for recreation and leisure should not be subjected to visual pollution which destroys the landscape they have traveled to enjoy." --Bill Milliken, 1970 (from Dave Dempsey's book on Milliken, page 86).

Will this governor stand up for Michigan's scenic beauty and veto this legislation if it passes the House?

Speaking for the trees,

LuAnne Kozma

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