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Re: E-M:/ Ideas Consumers Can Truly Use

Enviro-Mich message from Jacob Stevens Corvidae <jacob@ic.org>

Hi Sarah,

Many options exist for low-cost ways to make a great environmental impact -- and as far as your home is concerned, you can save money and make your home more comfortable as well. I would recommend contact one of the Michigan Energy Demonstration Centers (depending on where you live):

Not all of them have a specific focus on low-cost methods, though WARM Training Center does, but all should be able to help point you to more info.

I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me for more info. Oh - I just saw that you've a WSU email address, so you're probably local. We have lots of classes and resources on this topic at WARM.


Sarah Alexis Westerman wrote:


I joined this list not because I am well-educated on all things environmental, but because I want to learn more, understand better, and ultimately help save our planet. I've found very little information how to begin to do that, and I'm hoping for some help. Unfortunately, I don't have the money to install solar panels on my roof, replace all of my appliances, or any of the more costly options available to homeowners. What I can do is remind my kids to turn off the lights; have leaky faucets fixed immediately; turn the furnace down at night or when I'm not home.

Surely there are people on this list who know more than that - what can I do, in a way that is either free or inexpensive, or at the very least will be extremely cost effective, to help make my home and/or vehicle a little more eco-friendly?

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