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E-M:/ Continuing PM 2.5 air pollution episode

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

Michigan's current PM 2.5 air pollution episode continues for 
the SE lower quadrant of the lower peninsula.   Outside of that area
PM 2.5 air pollution has abated back to high moderate levels as a 
result of large area wind field speeds increasing from 
0-2 meters/second yesterday to about 6-8 meters/second today with the 
stationary front from yesterday now moving slowly north now as 
a warm front in the northern part of the lower peninsula according 
to Weather Underground imagery.   http://www.wunderground.com

At 12 noon, unhealthy PM 2.5 Code Orange air pollution conditions 
persist at Dearborn, Port Huron, Flint and Lansing.  Michigan DEQ's
Air Quality Index page is still reporting an erroneous low indication
for Lansing.   Dearborn is in now in its 7th day of unhealthy PM 2.5
air pollution as indicated by MDEQ monitoring at Salinas School.

The PM 2.5 Code Orange threshold presently in use by MDEQ is 
40.5 micrograms per cubic meter (24 hour average) with a Code Red
threshold of 65, which is the level of the old standard.  The newly revised national 
ambient air quality standard will be 35 micrograms per cubic meter for PM 2.5.

At 12 noon, Flint has the Michigan highest 24 hour average PM 2.5 concentration 
at 55 micrograms/cubic meter, although hourly averages are presently in 
slow decline there.   Dearborn was at 53, but was as high as 61 at midnight.
Port Huron is at 51 and Lansing is at 43.

MDEQ is predicting continued PM 2.5 Code Orange air pollution problems
for Wednesday in the Detroit area.

Bay City and Grand Rapids are presently skating just under the Code Orange alert level.

Conditions similar to what Michigan is experiencing are now turning up in 
Southeastern Pennsylvania and Connecticut

A recent journal article indicates that elevated PM 2.5 exposure is associated
with increased risk of hospitalization for both myocardial infarction (heart attack)
and pneumonia.    http://jech.bmj.com/cgi/content/abstract/60/10/890
It is also a significant risk for asthmatic attack.

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