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Re: E-M:/ Big Rock Nuke Site a State Park? Log your group's opposition before Thursday

Enviro-Mich message from Gary Stock <gstock@net-link.net>

Hugh McDiarmid wrote:
> MNRTF has about $35 million to dole out next week, choosing between 162
> proposals asking for $63 million in funding this year alone. Many of those
> properties also boast unique, undisturbed natural features; opportunity for
> public recreation;  etc. etc. I see on the list trailways, timber land,
> dunes, riparian lands, wetlands, and any number of worthwhile acquisitions
> that do not come with the legacy and potential risks at Big Rock.

That seems the most effective of possible arguments.  Both anti-nuke and
pro-nuke factions might even have to agree with that conclusion!  

I did recognize it as the (briefly stated) context within which you set
your original release, but BRP details overwhelmed the prospect of other
opportunities.  The context itself is unassailable:  "We have better
options for using our limited dollars."

> So, while the question of "what happens to Big Rock" if the state doesn't
> purchase it is perfectly valid; the converse is, "what happens to (proposal
> X's property) if the money is used for Big Rock is equally valid.
> Big Rock isn't being considered in a vacuum, it's competing to make the cut
> with many other applicants.

Got it -- for me, at least, contrasting the relative bad of BRP's
circumstances with the relative good of others' is more satisfying than
any focus on BRP.  It also avoids arguments about nuclear policy...

> Furthermore, the inherent dangers of nuclear waste......ooops! sorry....I'll
> abide by your deal!!

Thank you!  

(...and Alex thanks you, too :-)


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