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Re: E-M:/ Dow's Liveris to Congress: Costs are a crisis

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Even though Dow started in Midland, it sounds like they're getting 
ready to cut and run -
And for decades Dow has  successfully used the threat of leaving to manipulate and intimidate elected officials into submission. It works every time.
Truth is Dow Chemical is making unprecedented profits and is financially structured to meet their environmental responsibilities. They choose not to because they can. The big mistake we make is assigning any sense of ethic or social responsibility to this particular  corporation. Dow exists for profit and their stockholders. Even with their unprecedented quarterly profits, this Fortune 50 company, in Midland, has scaled back jobs, drastically cut wages and moved their operations elsewhere and managed to avoid responsibility for using our rivers as their corporate sewers.
Dow with all their expertise and PhD's should be on the cutting edge of environmental science, cleanup and restoration endeavors. But they choose to be divorced from the natural world in which they do business because it costs money.  No where is this separation more pronounced then in Dow's absolute denial of the toxicity of dioxin that has been taken up by every living thing along the Tittabawassee river.
Michelle Hurd Riddick
Lone Tree Council
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