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E-M:/ Reminder: Dec. 6 Public Info Mtg: Pine River / Velsicol Superfund Site

Enviro-Mich message from "Rita Jack" <rita.jack@sierraclub.org>

Dear Michigan:  

MDEQ will present a long-awaited report to the public on Wednesday Dec. 6,
detailing results from several years of remedial investigation on the old
site of the Velsicol Chemical Company.  Velsicol made PBBs and DDT, both of
which are in soils on the site, along with many other toxic chemicals.  The
site is the main source of DDT that has migrated to the Pine River, and is
at least one major source of DDT to Lake Huron.  (Please forgive duplicate

For those of you who've been following this river, once the RI report is
finalized, the MDEQ and EPA will begin work on the Feasibility Study, the
FS.  The FS will detail all the available options for remediating the old
chemical plant site, everything from "do nothing", to "remove it all", to
the full range in between.  

Remember that this site was "remediated" once already less than 20 years
ago.  The remedy was a containment system, with a clay cap and an
underground 2-foot thick slurry/cement wall to surround the chemicals and
hold them on-site.  The site was never lined below, so it never complied
with Michigan's 1979 hazardous waste landfill law, and in many places the
slurry wall didn't "key" into the till below, leaving huge gaps where
chemicals have migrated through.  The chemicals even migrated outside the
slurry wall, and have moved in sand seams to the river.  It's been so bad,
that the DDT levels in Pine River fish have increased over time instead of
decreasing.  It was after the first remediation was implemented that a Pine
River fish was tested and found to have the highest levels of DDT ever found
in a fish (anywhere in the world.)  This is why we still cannot safely
consume the fish (though people DO catch and eat fish from the river.)  

This year, EPA finished cleaning up river sediments adjacent to the plant
site.    Please - come to the Dec. 6 meeting, ask your questions.  Let EPA
know that this time, we want this site cleaned up right.  We can't afford to
keep re-doing this.  And with last year's disturbing announcement of p-CBSA
already in their water, local residents shouldn't ever have to put up with
chemical threats from this site again.  
I hope to see you there-- Rita Jack


To discuss the Velsicol Chemical Inc. Superfund Site
  Gratiot County, St. Louis, Michigan

The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Remediation and 
Redevelopment Division (RRD) will host a public information meeting 
regarding the Velsicol Chemical Corp. Superfund Site - a site of 
environmental contamination in Pine River Township, Gratiot County, 
Michigan.  The meeting agenda includes an overview of the Remedial 
Investigation of the Velsicol Chemical Inc. Superfund Site, Operable 
Unit 1.  Operable Unit 1 includes the former Velsicol Chemical plant 
site, the burn pit area on the north side of the Pine River and the 
adjacent land under the Pine River. A question and answer period will be 
held immediately following the presentation.  Community residents and 
all interested public are encouraged to attend this informational 
meeting and share their interest and concerns about this site with the 
DEQ.  Copies of key site documents are available for public viewing at 
the St. Louis Public Library.  Meeting specifics follow:

			Date:		Wednesday, December 6, 2006
			Time:		7:00 p.m.
			Place:	T.S. Nurnberger Middle School
					312 North Union Street
					St. Louis, Michigan
For more information, please contact:

Scott Cornelius
Project Manager
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Remediation and Redevelopment Division
Superfund Section
525 West Allegan Street
Lansing, MI   48933

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