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I also find this extremely disturbing.  I wouldn't blame the staff at the EPA though, who like so many, are doing their jobs as they've been told to do.  If they didn't, they'd simply be replaced by someone else who would.  Despair is running rampant at that particular federal agency.  No, this smacks of heinous decisions made at the top of that particular so-called regulatory agency.  The only "economics" involved is surely by those who might profit from having these records lost or destroyed.  This isn't "politics" either.  It's the abuse of political power.  I rarely think of the world in these terms, (usually "stupid," "incompetent," "self-serving," "short-sighted," etc come to mind) but in this case the the word "evil" feels appropriate.  Whoever made this decision is scraping the bottom of the barrel in search of their own humanity.  Meanwhile, the rest of humanity has been betrayed.

Claire Maitre

On Dec 14, 2006, at 1:42 PM, Scott Dierks wrote:

I usually stay out of these kinds of things; I don't like to get involved with "politics", but this is so under-handed, heinous and yet brazen, I just can't take it.


Why not just take EPA staff out behind the woodshed and shoot them? Imagine the cost savings. Curtailing access to information is akin to "destroying" information. This is ridiculous. I understand there may be some budget problems but when the wagon train pulls out at midnight, it's probably cause they wanted to travel by night, like little vermin.


Scott Dierks


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> House Democratic committee chairs demanded that EPA Administrator

> Stephen Johnson assure them "that the destruction or disposition

> of all library holdings immediately ceased upon the Agency's

> receipt of this letter and that all records of library holdings

> and dispersed materials are being maintained."  On the very next

> day, December 1st, EPA de-linked thousands of documents from the

> website for the Office of Prevention, Pollution and Toxic

> Substances (OPPTS) Library, in EPA's Washington D.C. Headquarters.




Normally, this would be where I could jump in to advise that Google or

the Wayback machine (http://www.archive.org/index.php) could protect us

from the mongrels set upon us by Resident Bush.


Sadly, EPA implemented protocols that advise web crawling services (the

largest of which typically respect such directives) _not_ to index much

of the EPA site. 


Thus, many EPA documents -- the level of detail and volume of data we

could expect for most .com or .edu sites -- were not being preserved by

most of the popular search and archiving services...







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