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E-M:/ Lenawee Co.Commissioners oppose CAFO

Front-page Adrian Daily Telegram article, Sat., Dec. 16, 2006.
Article is not online yet, but can be viewed in full at:  www.nocafos.org/adriantelegram.htm


ADRIAN -- A proposed 5,000-cow dairy operatin in Ogden Township is drawing formal opposition from the Lenawee County Commission and criticism from the Lenawee County road commissioners as well as neighboring residents worried about the impact of manure from the mega-dairy... a resolution is being drafted that should be ready for a vote in January....

Large dairies are covered under Michigan's Right to Farm Act, which commission chairman Larry Gould, R-Seneca Twp., said he supported through Michigan Farm Bureau years ago to protect small farmers from nuisance lawsuites.

"No one had any dreams or concepts we would have the large farms we have now," Gould said. The law was never intended to give them a right to pollute or diminish the value of neighboring land, he said.  ...