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E-M:/ Saginaw River dredgings dump repeats mistakes of the past

Too-fast forward: Saginaw River dredgings dump repeats mistakes of the past
Bay City Times
Sunday, December 17, 2006
By TERRY R. MILLER/Lone Tree Council

When do we learn?

As I attended a variety of environmental meetings this month, once more it struck me how infrequently we learn from the past, despite all of the admonitions.

While various stakeholders pursue federal cleanup dollars for the Great Lakes; funds for the Kawkawlin watershed; projects that enhance coastal wetlands; and the Dow cleanup - all sincere and important efforts to address decades of disregard for our river and bay - we continue to violate the very procedures meant to prevent future problems.


The location for the slurry pit is a bad one, the process is a flawed one, and if Dow is allowed to use the site, it compounds the mounting errors to create a dangerous precedent and the potential for a Hartley and Hartley for the next generation.

It is a sad commentary that this tragedy is being fostered on our watershed by people who know our past. The public, and our river and bay, certainly deserve better.