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E-M:/ Contact Your New Legislators

Happy New Year!


Many new legislators were elected this fall. Now may be a good time for individual environs to welcome their new state and federal legislators. Even if many new legislators are Democrats, their knowledge of and passion for environmental issues probably needs assistance.  (Obviously, this goes for many reelected legislators too.) 


Many environmental groups are planning their organization's approach to influence legislation. However, we all are voters with power. A state representative once said, “You would be amazed with the power a single voter has to influence a legislator.”  Individual voter contact may be a good and timely next step.


This site will help voters find their new Michigan State legislator's email addresses:



Here are a few environmental issues to consider: 

·         Utility funded energy efficiency programs for electricity and heating

·         A mandatory renewable portfolio standard (RPS)

·         Upgraded appliance, equipment and building standards

·         Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) restrictions


If anyone has a good set of talking points or other issues, please share them.


Thanks,     frank